wo 31 mei 2023 - 17:00 uur

The E-XCHANGE #3 – Networking across borders


The E-XCHANGE #3 – May 31st 2023: Networking across borders
In this last session of the school year, we’ll talk with Henric Lindström on the interdependencies and the value of interconnectivity in a music industry stretching itself across borders. As networking is a key ingredient for a thriving industry, what are ways for this network to be build, fruitful and nurtured?

What is the E-XCHANGE?
The E-XCHANGE is the umbrella term for cross-institutional masterclasses hosted online periodically by varying educational institutes from around the world, enabling a safe and inspiring international learning ecosystem in which deepening insights are offered in addition to the compulsory curriculum, accessible only for students and teachers from the affiliated institutes.

Who is Henric Lindström?

Henric Lindström is a, nowadays, long-term music business, organizational & leadership theories, and project management & leadership educator at the Linnaeus University School of Business & Economics in Sweden.

Henric recently added to the skillset a MSc with a major in Applied Information Technology with Specialization in Learning and Communication and hence very interested in, not only internationalization of the music business, also of academia and the digitalization of education and learning, part from this deep and long-term interest in music industry structure(s), organizational history, and business practices. 

Furthermore, a frequent business traveler that’s been working around the globe both physically and digitally for decades establishing connections and networks. Henric is proudly serving as the European Liaison in the international organization Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA) among other engagements on the international stage.